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Dassy has a worldly soul. He was introduced to many different cultures and music from a young age, travelling around the world and living in places throughout the UK, Europe, South America, and Canada. While growing up in Toronto, he helped his family work with mas bands and create costumes for Caribana, Toronto's Caribbean carnival festival. Dassy was also heavily submerged in Caribbean culture through soca music, which tied him to his Trinidadian roots.


Additionally, Dassy was mentored by DJ Chief from Baby Blue Soundcrew, one of the largest DJ groups out of Canada. He shadowed DJ Chief and started playing at small family gatherings before joining Chief at his gigs at some of the biggest venues in Toronto. The energy and environment felt natural to him as he was raised around DJs and diverse music.


It wasn't long before he started to book independent gigs at local Toronto bars such as Hapa, Port House, Thompson Hotel, and Power Up Bar. In 2018, Dassy met DJ Soca Sweetness while opening for him at a New Year's event. From there, Sweetness began adding Dassy as a regular DJ at his events, the first being opening for soca artiste Angela Hunte while she was on tour. From there, Dassy was featured in larger projects like Joggers Boat Cruise, which has been graced with performers such as Nessa Preppy, Preedy, Patrice Roberts, GBM Nutron, and many more.


It wasn't long until Dassy's name became more known in Toronto, DJing at concerts throughout the city and opening for other local artists like Mustafa The Poet. He has also built a network with other Canadian DJs, growing his following in other major cities such as Winnipeg and Montreal.


Dassy has a contagious vibration that guarantees a good time. His highly energetic flow has listeners lost in the moment, dancing alongside him.


  • Location: Worldwide

  • DJ since: 2018

  • Available for: Carnivals, Club, Festivals, Fashion shows, Private events.

  • Main genre: Soca/Open format

  • The official DJ for Carnival Nationz

  • Organizer of TASTE event

  • Rate: Email for more information


  • Artist name: DASSY

  • Imagery: Only use photos provided by artist’s team in any promotional material

  • Logo: Only use logos provided by artist’s team in any promotional material


All sound and light equipment provided by venue

  • 2x Pioneer or CDJ 3000

  • 1x DJM-S9/S11 or

  • 1x Rane SEVENTY-TWO or

  • 1x Solid and stable DJ booth

  • 1x Wireless Microphone

  • All the equipment must be tested and well connected

  • 1x DDJ-SZ Controller 

  • Available A/C Power nearby the DJ booth for at least (3) extra devices

  • At least 1x (one) or 2x (two) monitor speakers installed on one side of the DJ setup at equal distance from the DJ position, at the DJ’s ear height

  • The Monitors have to be controlled & plugged via the BOOTH OUTPUT of the mixer


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